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Change starts with one, and it starts with you....

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Each of us, you, me, and every person on this planet has a set number of days we can impact the world around us in order to make the it a better place. But, it takes ONE to initiate, to start, and begin to implement the needed change. And inevitably, ONE grows to MANY, if the cause is fair and just and good for mankind. We want people to use this slogan to remind them that they are the “ONE”. If change needs to be made, then grab the baton and start running with everything you have. This slogan is not just for one boy and his peers; it’s for you and for everyone who would take ownership of a needed change. So we encourage you to BE THE ONE who ushers in the change!

What about you? What change can you bring to the world?
The world needs your story...

Our #changestartswithONE began on February 2, 1995 when our son, Joshua, was born with an extremely rare, often fatal, neuromuscular disease called Myotubular Myopathy. At the time of his birth there was only 55 known cases worldwide - and there wasn't any research being done to find a cure. In an effort to raise funds to support research, my husband Paul and I founded The Joshua Frase Foundation. Today, we have raised over $6.1 million, funded cutting edge research, and our community is preparing to go into clinical trials. We changed the face of a rare disease because when the doctors told us there was no hope, we decided to fight for it.

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